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How to Have a Healthy Summer

Summer can be a time of rest, excitement and fun, but it also ushers in a number of health hazards, if people do not take some simple precautions.Along with sunny days and warm weather, summer brings the risk of sunburn, allergies, bug bites, and other potential health complications. Here are some tips for enjoying a

View the Solar Eclipse Safely!

On August 21st, many Americans will be flocking to areas where they can see the first total solar eclipse to be visible from our continent since 1979. For those viewing here in the Dallas area, the eclipse will cover approximately 75% of the sun. Though this is an exciting event for all of us, we here at Hillcrest Medical would

Back to school physicals aren’t just for kids

Do you know the value of annual physical exams for you and your family? A yearly visit to you doctor can go a long way towards keeping everyone healthy. And with the start of school just around the corner, why not schedule back-to-school exams for the whole family? The goal of a yearly exam is to give you an adequate picture of


We’re now deep into the typical North Texas summer with lots of sunshine, high temperatures, and possibly no rain for a while. Sun protection is important all year long, but it’s crucial during this time of year. With so many sun protection products out there, are you confused about what the best options are for you and your

But I’m not sick! Wellness Exams

But I'm not sick! Wellness Exams Do you have a primary care physician? You may think, “I’m healthy. Why do I need a doctor?” A good doctor doesn’t just treat you when you’re sick or injured. A good doctor helps you stay well! More and more, people are realizing the importance of preventive care and wellness exams. A yearly

Is It Pollen Or The Weather?

Did you know your allergy-like symptoms may actually be caused by the weather and not pollen? The sudden changes in temperature and humidity—which we seem to be experiencing a lot here in North Texas this season—can bring on a condition called nonallergic rhinitis. Those with nonallergic rhinitis test negative for any specific

Is it a cold or something else?

COULD WHAT YOU THINK IS A COLD BE SOMETHING ELSE? Do you have a cold that has lasted for weeks or that went away but came back? Even though you may have all of the symptoms of a cold, it probably isn’t a cold at all. Colds generally last for about a week to 10 days. When you are exposed to a cold, there is typically an


IS IT FOOD POISONING OR A STOMACH BUG? A stomach bug, or viral gastroenteritis, is caused by a virus—such as rotavirus, norovirus, adenovirus, and astrovirus—that attacks the intestines. Some people refer to viral gastroenteritis as the stomach flu, however, it is not related to the influenza virus. It is highly contagious and


Ah, it’s finally here. Spring allergy season. Our previous blog covered indoor allergies, but now it’s time to look at the biggest cause of allergy symptoms for most people—spring flora. The main culprit in spring allergies is pollen. Trees and plants release specks of pollen into the air to fertilize other plants. When

Allergies in the Winter?

All winter long, have you been struggling with one cold after another? Well, you may not be battling with colds at all. You may be suffering from indoor allergies. Most of us are familiar with seasonal allergies. We know that when the calendar turns to the fall and spring months, we can expect sniffles, sneezes, and watery

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