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Have you heard of the Type B Flu?

It’s not uncommon for Type B flu to follow Type A during a typical season. The problem this year is that flu B has hit earlier than usual. This means that there is an overlap between the two flus. Do date, in Dallas county alone, the numbers for both strains of flu are double the numbers recorded at this time last year.You

North Texas Flu Update – Protect Yourself!

The worst of this year's deadly flu season may still be to come. If you don’t believe it, check out this article from dallasnews.com…Seven more people in Dallas County have died from the flu, and North Texas may not have seen the worst of the deadly season yet, health officials said Tuesday.    Dallas County Health and

Happy New Year from Hillcrest Medical

The staff at Hillcrest Medical wishes you and yours a very happy and prosperous New Year!! Please feel free to contact us about minor emergencies, flu symptoms, allergies, and other health issues you’re dealing with this year. And remember that walk-ins are welcome throughout 2018 and beyond.Flu Update: Still a month out

This could be one of the worst flu seasons in DFW

Hey! Have you gotten your flu shot yet? If you’re looking for a little more reason to do so and haven’t seen the article below or something like it from your favorite news source, give it a read. They’re calling this potentially one of the worst flu seasons in Dallas/Fort Worth. At Hillcrest Medical we’re already seeing a lot of

Misconceptions About Flu Vaccines

Here's a lot of clarity about Flu Vaccines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  Can a flu shot give you the flu? No, a flu shot cannot cause flu illness. Flu vaccines given with a needle are currently made in two ways: the vaccine is made either with a) flu vaccine viruses that have been ‘inactivated’ and are

How To Have A Happy & Healthy Halloween

As we head into cold/flu/RSV season, it’s important to make sure we do all we can to keep our immune systems strong and healthy—and that can be difficult to do as the weather turns colder and we celebrate the fall and winter holidays. With parties where we are around lots of people, are eating high- sugar foods, and are getting

Are Our Children Getting Enough Exercise?

Are Our Children Getting Enough Exercise?According to a report by the Institute of Medicine, kids need at least 60 minutes of vigorous or moderate-intensity physical activity every day. It’s estimated that only about half of our children are meeting this guideline.Now that school is back in session, kids are sitting

The Ragweeds – They’re Baaaaack!!

The pollens, molds and dust that proliferate in the fall here in North Texas and can lead to a variety of pesky allergy symptoms. If your nose is running and itchy; if your eyes are watery, itchy, and have dark circles under them; if you’re coughing and sneezing; you may be reacting to one of these common allergens. Though most

Have A Healthy Back To School Experience

It’s that time of year. Back-to-school can be exciting—a time of new adventures and fresh starts. But back-to-school also means added stress as the whole family adjusts to different schedules and a more hectic pace. And though stress is a necessary part of life, too much stress can make everyone more susceptible to health

How to Have a Healthy Summer

Summer can be a time of rest, excitement and fun, but it also ushers in a number of health hazards, if people do not take some simple precautions.Along with sunny days and warm weather, summer brings the risk of sunburn, allergies, bug bites, and other potential health complications.Here are some tips for enjoying a

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