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A Slice of the Good Old Days of Healthcare

…At Hillcrest Medical

“Dr. Padilla to the rescue!! I called Dr. Padilla for a refill on a Sunday for my 3-yr-old. I left a message with the service, and THE DOCTOR called me back IN A FLASH! This is the ultimate level of service! It’s such a comfort for me to have a family doctor care so much to personally call me, consult, and help me on a Sunday afternoon!” (From a review posted on Yelp by Nita P., Dallas, Texas)

Dr Bag 500Do you ever long for the “good old days” when doctors were actually available when you needed them? Though there is no such thing as a convenient time for an accident or an illness, why does it always seem that they occur at the worst possible times? How often have you or a loved one come down with symptoms of an illness or a sprained ankle after most doctors’ offices are already closed for the evening or the weekend? And do you yearn for times past when doctors actually took time with their patients, really listened to their needs and concerns, and answered all their questions without rushing them out the door?

Well, at Hillcrest Medical it’s still the good old days! With office hours convenient to you and after-hours services that mean you can actually talk to the doctor when you need to, you never have to worry again about waiting for your doctor’s office to open to receive the care you and your loved ones need. And Dr. Padilla and his staff will never rush you out the door. They spend the time needed with each and every patient to make sure they receive the quality care they deserve. Not only is Hillcrest Medical the best place for urgent care in Dallas, it’s the best place for all your family’s general medical needs.

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