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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Part 1

Picture of an appleClearly that’s an oversimplification, but it does point out something we all know but often forget: what we eat directly impacts our health. Many of us only focus on what we eat in terms of losing weight. A healthy diet should result in a healthy weight, but when we’re making food choices, weight loss should not be our only consideration.

It seems that every day there’s a new eating plan “experts” claim will lead us to the promised land of excellent health and well-being (in addition to weight loss)! But we need to remember that when it comes to eating healthily there’s no “one size fits all” diet. We all have our own unique physical issues and nutritional needs. You need to make food choices that help you look and feel your best long term. And that means staying away from fad and gimmicky diets!

Eliminating a food group for reasons other than a specific medical issue like allergies, or concentrating on a particular food group at the expense of others over an extended period of time will never result in good health and well-being. That said, there are certain “foods” that we all should seriously limit. We all know what they are, but sometimes we need to be reminded.

First on the list is white sugar and flours. These products have little, if any, nutritional value while adding calories and disrupting the balance of blood sugar in the body. This can lead to all kinds of long and short term problems from obesity to diabetes.

Second, there actually are healthy fats we need to be including in our diets, but there is one kind of fat we should strictly avoid: hydrogenated oil. The hydrogenation process is intended to help prevent the oil from becoming rancid thus giving it a longer shelf life, but it chemically alters the oil turning it into a substance that is actually dangerous to our bodies.

Third, watch out for added chemicals—including artificial sweeteners. We have been lead to believe that artificial sweeteners are perfectly safe and can help us lose weight, but scientists are finding that the opposite is true! For example, studies have shown that products like diet sodas actually contribute to weight gain.

Even this simple list of things to watch out for in our foods can leave us feeling overwhelmed. That’s where our experts at Hillcrest Medical can help. Come to us with your questions about making wise food choices. At Hillcrest Medical we not only care for your urgent care needs in Dallas, we care for your overall health and well-being.

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