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Are your seasonal allergy symptoms worse at night?

Photo, overhead, of a woman in bed sleepingDoes it feel like your seasonal allergies are worse at night? Are your nasal congestion, runny nose, coughing, and/or sneezing really more extreme after the sun goes down, or has your imagination gone into overdrive?  It’s true, your worsening symptoms are not all in your mind.

As you know, the spring air is loaded with pollen because trees and plants release bits of pollen into the air to fertilize other plants. This pollen can travel for miles, especially on windy days which, you may have noticed, we’ve had a lot of here in North Texas lately. When people who are allergic to pollen breathe in the tiny grains, their immune systems treat these specks like dangerous invaders and release antibodies to attack them. This causes histamine to flood the bloodstream, and voila, the body is overrun with allergy symptoms.

Ok, so we all know pollen is the culprit, but if symptoms are worse at night, does that mean pollen levels are higher after the sun disappears below the horizon? The answer is a resounding “yes”! When the temperature drops, pollen in the air settles back down to ground level where it can wreak havoc with your eyes, nose, and throat.

To help make the pollen less of a problem at night, be sure to shower when you come in the house and put on fresh clothes or pajamas so you don’t take pollen into bed with you. Make sure your windows are tightly shut and well-sealed so pollen doesn’t seep inside. And wash you sheets in hot water at least once a week. This will also help to remove dust mites and any pet dander that may be causing you problems as well.

And to help you get relief from your seasonal allergy symptoms, come see us at Hillcrest Medical. We’ll give you a thorough exam, take your medical history, and provide allergy testing, if needed, to get a full picture of any and all of your allergies. Then we’ll propose a course of action to help you get relief—fast. Remember, at Hillcrest Medical, we’re the place for urgent care in Dallas. And what could be more urgent than getting allergy relief ASAP—and a good night sleep going forward?

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