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Do I have a Cold or the Flu? Urgent Care Dallas

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When you or your child develops a fever, congestion, and a sore throat, it’s natural to think, “I’ve have a cold. It’ll go away in a few days.” And then, out we go – to work, to school, or to take care of our daily commitments. While it may be true that these symptoms indicate a cold, they are also consistent with the onset of influenza – that is, the flu.

What is the difference between a Cold and the Flu?

So, what is the difference between a cold and the flu? Symptoms associated with the common cold often begin with a sore throat that lasts one or two days. Afterwards, congestion and a runny or stuffy nose typically develops. In most cases, congestion is followed by coughing that can last a week or so. During this time, you may or may not have a fever. Children typically develop a fever with a cold, not adults – though some adults may develop a low-grade fever.

Flu symptoms, on the other hand, are more severe and almost always appear quickly. Flu symptoms include a cluster of things – sore throat, fever and chills, body aches, soreness, congestion, and coughing. In cases of swine flu, you may experience vomiting and diarrhea. Flu symptoms typically begin to improve after a few days but you’ll likely feel tired and run down for a week or more. Since flu symptoms are more severe, they can be particularly hard on young children, people with compromised immune symptoms, and the elderly.

When to see Your Urgent Care Doctor

If your symptoms don’t improve after four or five days or you have other health problems your symptoms are complicating, it’s best to see one of our urgent care doctors. In some cases, the flu can result in a secondary infection and lead to pneumonia or bronchitis. If you suffer from asthma or high blood pressure, you may want to avoid certain kinds of over-the-counter medications and seek treatment before these other medical issues become a problem.

At Hillcrest Medical, we have a fully operational urgent care facility with the ability to run diagnostic tests and labs to determine what you have and how best to treat it. Get relief from the flu – call (214) 368-3800 today to schedule an appointment or drop by as a walk-in to see one of our doctors immediately.

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