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Natural Remedies for the Cold & Flu

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It’s cold and flu season again. You may be thinking about heading to the drug store, looking for Zi-Cam, Nyquill or some other pharmaceutical product to prevent the flu or keep your cold in check. You may be thinking about getting a flu shot. But there are many things you can do, before resorting to over-the-counter drugs, to protect your health.

Always Wash Your Hands

The flu is transmitted by germs, and germs are often transmitted by touch. Think about it—you sneeze into your hand, then handle a wide variety of objects. The next person who picks up that book, magazine or dish that you’ve handled may be picking up your germs, too. If at all possible, avoid sneezing into your hands. Keep tissue close by and grab one when you feel a sneeze coming on. Throw away the tissue immediately.

Get Plenty of Exercise

The more your heart pumps, the more oxygen you’ll have in your blood, and the more natural virus-killing cells you’ll produce. Get outside and walk, go to the gym or shovel the snow. Aerobic exercise is the best type of exercise to ward off a cold.

Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

Studies show that foods containing “phyto” or “plant-based” chemicals, have vitamins that will give your body a boost. You don’t need multivitamins, though they can help. Make certain you get lots of dark green, yellow and red veggies, as well as fruits of the same color.

Put Away the Cigarettes and Alcohol

Smoking compromises your immune system, so that you have less defense against germs. It can also damage the cilia—delicate hairs in your nose and lungs—that cause you to sneeze and cough away cold and flu germs.

Alcohol can also have a negative effect on your immune system, causing dehydration, which will also inhibit the elimination of viruses.

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