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Heart Disease on the Rise in United States


Photo: Stethescope on top of a prescription pad on a deskAccording to a recent report, heart disease continues to rise, and the health challenges faced by individuals with heart problems are escalating as well. Research conducted by HealthMine found that almost one in four (39%) of individuals diagnosed with some level of heart disease acknowledged difficulty managing their illness. More than half (51%) said that cardiac problems made them less productive on the job.

A recent study by the American Heart Association (AHA) corroborated these findings, indicating that more than one quarter of all healthcare costs incurred by employers stem from conditions related to heart disease. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that over $320 billion is spent annually to fight some type of heart disease.

The good news—early detection and wellness programs can make a significant difference in outcomes. The AHA reported that people who participated in a workplace wellness program were almost twice as likely (61% vs 34%) to experience an improvement in their general health, as well as reduced blood pressure and reduced levels of cholesterol. The study found that:

  • 73% of people with heart disease have high cholesterol
  • 71% have high blood pressure
  • 58% are overweight
  • One in four smoke

Researchers also found a connection between heart disease and other chronic conditions. In three of every four cases, a person with heart disease also had either diabetes, mental illness, obesity or pre-diabetes.

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