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How Do You Know if You Have “the Flu”?

Is it the Flu? Sometimes It’s Hard to Tell

Photo: Close up of woman touching her foreheadThe “flu” has become a generic term used to describe a wide array of symptoms and conditions. If it’s winter and you feel a little out of sorts, people will tell you that “there’s something going around.” Typically, if that’s the diagnosis you’ve made, you’ll be inclined to treat yourself with over-the-counter products, visiting the doctor or urgent care only if you condition dramatically worsens.

The classic symptoms of the flu frequently include a fever and body aches, a stuffy or runny nose, or a cough/sore throat. Often, you’ll get a headache, may feel weak or tired, experience chills or even have diarrhea or vomiting.

Though not all people who contract the flu will have a fever, if you experience a fever that hits you pretty quickly, chances are good that it’s some form of seasonal flu. With most seasonal flus, you will also experience achiness, chest congestion and fatigue. You can treat your symptoms with over-the-counter cold medicines, but the best remedy is either ibuprofen or acetaminophen. It’s also a good thing to stay hydrated.

If you experience any of the following conditions, you should have someone
immediately take you to urgent care, as these may be indications of a much more serious medical problem:

  • Shortness of breath or other difficulty breathing
  • Sudden dizziness or confusion
  • Pressure or pain in your chest, abdomen or left shoulder area
  • Persistent vomiting

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