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Is It a Cold? Is It Allergies? Hillcrest Can Help You Know for Sure!

Photo: Child with face paint looking sad and not feeling wellIt’s happened already! The new school year is barely underway, and your child is exhibiting cold symptoms. But is it really a cold, or is it allergies?

We tend to think of spring, when everything is in bloom, as the time to be on the lookout for allergy symptoms, but fall offers its own allergy triggers. Weed pollen, especially from ragweed, is the most common cause of fall allergy symptoms. About three-quarters of those allergic to spring plants are allergic to ragweed. Unfortunately, ragweed can continue to be released until the first frost in North Texas and can travel up to 400 miles on the wind.

Besides pollen from weeds, there’s another reason your child may be exhibiting allergy symptoms since heading back to school—molds and dust mites. We know that molds can grow in damp areas outside like piles of wet leaves, but the most likely place for your child to be exposed to molds is in his or her school building. Dust mites, like molds, are common in school buildings, and they are particularly a problem when the fall temperatures drop and schools turn on the heat for the first time.

So, what should you do if your child has a runny nose and watery eyes and is sneezing and coughing? How can you know if it’s a cold or allergies? Talk to our team of professionals at Hillcrest Medical. We’ll give a thorough exam, take a medical history, and provide allergy testing if needed to get to the bottom of your child’s symptoms. Then we’ll recommend a course of action that will ease symptoms and limit exposure—and have your child enjoying fall again!

Speak to the professionals at Hillcrest Medical about your family’s cold & allergy concerns. Visit HillCrest Urgent Care in Dallas!

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