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Let’s Get Physicals!

The Importance of Back to School Physicals

As you prepare to send your child back to school, your long to-do list may already seem overwhelming. But don’t let that intimidating list lead you to postpone your child’s annual physical. The yearly physical exam is often the only time the doctor will see your child all year. It’s a great opportunity for the doctor to catch any issues early and also to address important questions your child might have.

While it’s true that children involved in their schools’ athletic programs may each receive a sport specific exam through the school, these physicals are not comprehensive and are not intended to address your child’s overall health issues. These athletic exams don’t get into or build a detailed medical history which is extremely important for a physician to have in order to give your child the best possible care. A consistent health care relationship between a physician and patient makes it easier for the doctor to detect any emerging problems quickly and allows your child the comfort level and rapport to be transparent with any concerns he or she may have. This is especially important as your child navigates the adolescent years with their own unique issues.

So, when you pull out that seemingly endless to-do list, just put that yearly exam right at the top! There is nothing more important than your child’s health. And while you’re at it, pencil your own yearly physical in as well. Prioritizing your own health will give you added peace of mind during this very hectic time of year. And who knows? You may even be able to work with your physician to find ways to have that added focus and energy you will need to really thrive in the 2014-2015 school year! At Hillcrest Medical, we want to provide that kind of personal physician’s care for your entire family. If you’ve never been to Hillcrest Medical, make an appointment today and take the first step to building a long, beneficial, personal medical relationship.

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