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Need a sports or school physical? Easy.

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Smart kid in class. Happy child against blackboard. Education concept

Need a sports or school physical? Easy.

As you prepare to send your child back to school, your long to-do list may already seem overwhelming.  But don’t let that intimidating list lead you to postpone your child’s annual physical.  It is often the only time of year your child will see his or her doctor.

Many children need physicals to participate in their schools’ athletic programs. Often, schools will provide sports-specific exams for their students. But these types of exams can never take the place of a yearly physical. While they may reveal potential athletic problems, they are not as detailed as a pediatrician’s exam and cannot be relied upon to give an adequate picture of your child’s overall health. In addition, medical professionals providing these exams do not have access to your child’s long-term medical history. Without that, they do not know specifically what to look for when examining your child.

Building a long-term history with a personal physician is invaluable to your child—and to your whole family. At Hillcrest Medical, we want to provide quality, long-term personal care for you and your loved ones. So schedule a back-to-school exam today for your child—and your entire family. And you can all start the new school year in the best health possible

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