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5 Avoidable Outdoor Hazards of Spring

After some particularly frigid winter days, we are all glad to be officially into the spring season. But as we head outdoors to revel in balmy days, it’s important to be aware of potential health risks lurking amid the beautiful flowers and gentle breezes. Below are 5 to consider.

  1. Temperatures in the spring in North Texas are usually at their most enjoyable. We haven’t hit the days of searing summer heat yet, and it’s easy to have a false sense of security when it comes to the risks of spending time in the sun. If you don’t remember to use sunscreen, you could wind up with a significant sunburn. And getting sunburns can contribute to faster aging of the skin and increased chances of skin cancer. So, slather on the sunscreen, even on the mildest of spring days. And if you do happen to burn and it is particularly bad, you may need to head to urgent care to get some relief.
  1. After being cooped up inside during the winter months, many of us are antsy to get outside and But more movement can mean greater risk of injuries including cuts, scrapes, sprains, and even broken bones. You should be especially careful when starting a new outdoor running/walking routine or dusting off those bikes to go riding as a family. Before starting an exercise program, you should get a thorough check-up to make sure you are in the best health for working out. When you are cleared to exercise, be sure to warm up your muscles before hitting the pavement. And before you all hop on those bikes, make sure they’re in tip-top shape, and you are all wearing the proper protective gear like helmets and knee pads.
  1. You’ve probably heard it by now: that annoying “buzzing” sound noticeably absent in the cold winter months. Flying insects are out in full force—and the creepy-crawly ones too. Though many insects and arachnids are just annoying, some of them can bite and sting leaving painful welts and swelling, and some are poisonous. Learn to recognize the more dangerous spiders and bugs indigenous to North Texas, and know how to treat bites and stings. When in doubt, head to urgent care ASAP.
  1. While on the subject of poisonous things, some plants are problematic as well. Can you recognize poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac? Be aware that if you come in contact with these plants and are sensitive to their oils, you could end up having some particularly miserable spring days. Often rashes resulting from these plants need medical attention to alleviate the pain and itchiness and help them resolve most quickly.
  1. And last, but not least, allergies, allergies, allergies. It’s that time of year, and many people need more than just over-the-counter help to be able to enjoy the great outdoors by actually being outdoors. Proper diagnosis of your allergies and the best recommendations to treat your specific symptoms by medical professionals can make all the difference in the world!

As the place for urgent care in Dallas, Hillcrest Medical is here to help you with all the outdoor hazards of spring. Whether for burns, bites, stings, cuts, scrapes, sprains, rashes, or sniffles, or a pre-exercise check-up, come and see our caring, professional staff today, and then get out into this beautiful weather before summer sends us all back indoors!

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