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Simple Ways to Stay Fit This Summer

Photo: Man riding a racing bike, staying fitIt’s just about summer time, when you’ll want to spend a lot more of your time outdoors. For many people, it’s also a time to finally get back in shape. But you want to be careful exercising in the heat of the summer. Here are some tips to make your summer fitness efforts as safe as possible.

Don’t Choose the Hottest Time of the Day

Don’t try to exercise during the middle of the day. Though you may burn a few more calories, the risk of heat stroke or exhaustion simply isn’t worth it. The additional calories burned in hotter temperatures are negligible. If you exercise when it’s cooler, you’ll likely work longer and harder, with less risk to your health.

Be Sure to Use Sunscreen

Even if you are more likely to tan than burn, there are still seriously detrimental effects to exposure to the sun’s rays. At a minimum, you should use a lotion with an SPF rating of 45. If you spend most of your time in the sun, an even stronger sunscreen is a good idea.

The biggest risk in hot weather is dehydration. Be sure to take in water before you start to exercise and always have plenty of water with you. A Camelback is a great idea, whether your running, bicycling or hiking through the woods. Make certain you take in electrolytes and salt as you exercise. Gatorade is a good source for this.

Run in a Wooded Area, If Possible

If you can find a path that’s shaded, it will be infinitely better for you. A few degrees can make a huge difference in avoiding heat prostration. You’ll be able to run further with less risk to your health on a path through the woods.

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