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Steps You Can Take to Minimize the Risk of Dehydration

Photo: Athletic woman drinking waterNotwithstanding the fact that approximately 60% of the human body is water, it is extremely important to maintain a proper level of hydration at all times. It can be even more critical in the summer, when temperatures can hover in the 90s. The water in your body keeps you from overheating when you engage in any type of physical activity. As you sweat, the evaporation cools your body, but also needs to be replenished.

Dehydration can be a serious matter, and can happen quickly. Some of the telltale signs include fatigue or loss of appetite, light-headedness or flushed skin, dark yellow urine, and heat challenges, as well as flushed skin.

Here are some basic guidelines for minimizing the risk of serious dehydration.

  • Stay hydrated by drinking water before, during and after any outside activity. If you plan to participate in an outside activity for more than an hour, you should probably take in a specially designed sports drink in lieu of ordinary water. Don’t count on finding water when you are out exercising—bring it with you.
  • Children are particularly susceptible to dehydration—Make certain they take in extra fluids and serve them popsicles when it’s really hot.
  • Don’t drink any alcoholic beverages, as they will exacerbate dehydration.
  • Stay away from high-protein diets
    Don’t use salt tablets—You can get all the salt you need in a sports drink
    Avoid outdoor activity, particularly anything that requires constant movement or heavy lifting
  • Wear light-colored clothes

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