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Strategies for Dealing with Pollen This Spring

Phto: Person with headache, hand to foreheadWell, winter is almost over—a cause for celebration, right? Not necessarily—not if you are prone to suffer allergies when the pollen is in the air. There are steps you can take to manage the impact that seasonal allergies will have on your life. Here’s what medical experts recommend.

Learn As Much As You Can About What Triggers Your Allergies

Just about every living plant has the potential to release pollen into the air. It’s the size of the pollen that has the potential to cause problems. As a general rule, the smaller the pollen, the more likely it will travel (by wind, generally) and the more likely it will cause problems. Your allergy may be to grass pollen, specific flower pollens or even to tree pollens. Experts say that you can, over time, develop some level of immunity to pollens to which you are exposed to on a regular basis. As a result, it’s not unusual, after high winds, to see many people suffering from exposure to pollen, as pollen can travel up to 100 miles a day depending on wind currents.

Minimize Your Exposure, If Possible

The best way to avoid itching, sneezing and the other symptoms of pollen exposure is to avoid areas where pollen is present. Unfortunately, that can be anywhere outside. If you don’t have to go outside between 10 am and 4 pm, you can probably significant reduce your discomfort. Always take your shoes off when you come into the house—you may be tracking in pollen, otherwise. Also, use a dryer instead of a clothesline until pollen season is over.

Use an Over-the-Counter Drug

Anti-histamines tend to be the most effective pharmaceutical product for limiting the impact of pollen. Decongestants can also help relieve stuffy nose. Be careful, though. Decongestants can increase your blood pressure.

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