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Surviving Summer Colds – HillCrest Urgent Care Dallas –

After surviving cold and flu season, many of us breathe a sigh of relief. Most of us don’t tend to worry about getting sick in the summer months, but we can get a cold or other illness just as easily in summer as in winter.

In cold weather areas during the winter months, people tend to stay indoors with their homes and businesses well sealed to keep out icy winter drafts. But here in Texas we keep our homes sealed up to protect us from the searing summer heat. Both heaters and air conditioners can be very drying to the air, and dry nasal passages are much more susceptible to picking up viruses.

In summer we look forward to family vacations, but more travel means more time spent on public transportation like airplanes, trains, buses, and taxis—and more exposure to viruses. Airplanes are also well sealed, and airborne contaminants can travel quickly through such a small, dry space. And consider the fact that they may not need to travel to reach us at all. The person sitting next to us on that plane or train may be more than happy to share his virus with us!

Travel also means exposure to germs in other parts of the country—or the world—where we just may pick up something we wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. And let’s not even think about the germs we can pick up in hotel rooms or on railings in line at Six Flags!

Let’s also consider that fact that since we don’t expect to get sick as easily in the summer, we tend to take fewer precautions to protect ourselves. We may not wash our hands as often, and the anti-bacterial wipes won’t always make it into the beach bag along with the sunblock.

Unfortunately, we don’t need to go on vacation or join in summer activities with others to be exposed to sickness. Because many of us are taking time off to travel in the summer, we are often hesitant to take any more time off from work. That means our co-workers may be coming into work when they normally would be staying home and getting well!

And why does it seem like summer colds are worse than winter colds? First of all, we don’t expect them, and we resent anything that keeps us indoors away from the glorious sunshine and awesome summer activities! In addition, the things we normally do to treat our colds – like heating pads on achy heads, chicken soup, and hot tea, well, they just aren’t enjoyable when it’s 100 degrees in the shade!

The best way to deal with a summer virus is to try not to get one at all. The most effective thing you can do is just to be aware that there are still viruses lurking out there. That will, hopefully, make you take the same precautions you take in the winter months: wash your hands, use those wipes, get plenty of rest—even at the risk of missing one of those awesome activities—and drink lots of fluids to counteract the dry summer air—especially here in Texas! But if you do all these things and you still get sick, come to Hillcrest Medical where we can take care of all of your symptoms and get you back out there enjoying your summer again!

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