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Taking Care of Your Health Over the Holidays

Photo: Doctor looking at instructions for a medicationThe holidays can take a toll on your health—statistics show a significant increase in doctor, hospital and urgent care visits from the middle of December through the new year. Here are some ways that you can minimize the risk of a trip to the emergency room.

Make Certain You Get Enough Sleep

With all the parties and events, with all the excitement and activities, it can be easy to become somewhat sleep-deprived. It’s really important to maintain a regimen that ensures that you get enough rest. Research shows that when people become tired, they start making bad food choices, tend to gain weight, and can see a spike in blood pressure and other health-related problems. It’s okay to stay out late occasionally, but try to stick to your regular bedtime routine.

Save the Liver!

Studies also show that alcohol consumption goes up at Christmas, with more people engaging in Christmas cheer. If you find that you are drinking more than usual, take a B-Complex before and after a party. Alcohol can have a negative impact on B vitamin levels, so taking in so extra s supplements is a good idea. You should also bump up your consumption of water, as increased alcohol consumption can cause dehydration.

Make Certain You Exercise

It’s okay to take in a few extra calories, provided you are also increase your exercise regimen. Take the dogs for a longer walk or get out in the snow and go sledding or skating. Twenty minutes of cardio three times a week can make up for a lot of Christmas cookies!

Come to Hillcrest Medical

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