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The Flu Shot—Still Your Best Defense Against the Flu This Season

Photo: Injection vial Admittedly, this year’s flu vaccine hasn’t been as effective as in years past. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, so far the flu shot appears to have reduced the chances of an individual getting the flu by 23%—a lower percentage than expected. However, even a 10% reduction can have an important impact—especially on young children and the senior population. In addition, public health officials confirm that those who get the flu vaccine are still better off than those who don’t because the vaccine protects against multiple strains of flu. Though the vaccine has not been as effective against some strains, that is not the case with others, and there may be strains that appear late in the season that the current vaccine will protect against. Also, the vaccine can make symptoms milder in people who do get sick.

If you haven’t gotten your flu shot yet, there’s still time to get additional protection as we move through the deepest part of the flu season. Despite precautions, if you do happen to contract the flu, CDC officials are strongly advising people with influenza to get antiviral medications from their doctors. These medications can ease symptoms, shorten the duration of the flu, and help to prevent complications like pneumonia. They can even save lives!

At Hillcrest Medical, we’re prepared for the rest of flu season with the vaccine for your protection and influenza antiviral medications to get you well in a hurry if you need them. So come to Hillcrest Medical: the best place for urgent care in Dallas.

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