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Why Have a Different Doctor for Primary and Urgent Care?

Marlon Padilla, MD“Dr. Padilla has been my Dr. for over 12 years. HE IS GREAT!!!!
He listens and is legitimately concerned about your health and well-being.”

(From a review posted on Yelp by James H., Dallas, TX)

It’s the perfect time of year in North Texas! The searing summer heat has subsided, and everywhere families are outside enjoying the mild temperatures and changing foliage. But as families spend more time outside walking, biking, running, and playing all kinds of organized (and disorganized!) sports, the risk for injuries goes up. You never know when you or someone you love may require urgent care. Do you have a plan to meet your family’s urgent care needs?

Without a plan, you may just head to the nearest emergency room or urgent care clinic. But this usually means that you will have a long wait in an unfamiliar waiting room. You will need to spend valuable time updating the clinic or emergency room on personal details and health issues. You will be taken care of by doctors and a staff that you don’t know and, more importantly, that doesn’t know you.

There’s a better way. Make Hillcrest Medical your family’s primary health care home. Get to know our caring, professional staff and amazing doctor. You’ll have time to do your research before you are hit with an urgent care need and will then have the peace of mind of knowing that you and your family are being taken care of by the very best doctor and staff—and the best place for urgent care in Dallas!

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