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You Have Flu Symptoms Should You Go to the Doctor?

You Have Flu Symptoms, Should You Seek Medical Treatment?

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We’re moving into the cold and flu season, when we tend to spend more time indoors with others, sharing germs and viruses. We all know the classic signs of the flu—achiness, a scratchy throat, a cough that keeps us awake at night. In most instances, with fluids, rest and over-the-counter medication, it runs its course and we’re back to full strength in a few days. But when should we seek professional attention? Here are some of the telltale signs that you should call your doctor or go to an urgent care facility.

You Have a Fever that Won’t Break

Fever is a sign of infection—it tells you that your body is working overtime to fight off an invader. If your fever won’t break, it could mean that you have a serious infection, or that you have more than one infection in your body. Your immune system may not have the capacity to fight more than one infection at a time. Seek medical attention.

You Can’t Breathe or You are Experiencing Chest Pain

The flu won’t make it difficult to breathe or give you chest pains. That’s most likely pneumonia, but it could be a symptom of a more serious problem, including asthma or heart disease. Don’t take needless risk. Get care from a professional.

Your Symptoms Won’t Go Away

A persistent cough could simply be mucus coming from your nose to your throat, a common occurrence with the flu. But it could be asthma or even whooping cough. A cough that last more than 10-14 days should be treated professionally.

Additionally, if you have congestion or a headache that lasts for more than a few days, you may have a sinus infection.

You Can’t Swallow without Pain

The sore throat that comes with the flu will provide some discomfort, but the pain shouldn’t make it difficult or impossible to swallow. That might be strep throat—best to get it treated by a doctor.

You Can’t Eat or Drink without Vomiting

Your body needs nourishment and must have fluids. If you can’t drink anything without it coming back up, you need to seek immediate medical attention.

Come to Hillcrest Medical

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