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Happy New Year from Hillcrest Medical

The staff at Hillcrest Medical wishes you and yours a very happy and prosperous New Year!! Please feel free to contact us about minor emergencies, flu symptoms, allergies, and other health issues you’re dealing with this year. And remember that walk-ins are welcome throughout 2018 and beyond.

Flu Update:
Still a month out from the usual peak of the flu season, Texas is ranking 7th in the US for its current outbreak. The experts are claiming this season is already three times worse than last year. And this ice-cold weather isn’t helping. NBC 5 reported a 6th death in North Texas due to the flu.

If you’re experiencing flu symptoms or want to get your flu shot updated, please call Hillcrest Medical or just stop by. Dr. Padilla and his staff are here to help you get through this flu season as smoothly as possible. Don’t risk it. Come in to Hillcrest Medical today.

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