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We’re here to serve you. At Hillcrest Medical you can make same day appointments by telephone or via this website and walk-ins are always welcome. Here’s what we specialize in…

  • Personalized Family Care, Adult and Pediatric
  • Immediate Care for Minor Emergencies
  • Minimal Wait Times for Appointments
  • Executive Physicals with Corporate Health and Wellness Programs
  • Anti-Aging
  • Botox and Dermal Fillers
  • Mens Health, Low-T, and Erectile Dysfunction
  • Womens Health
  • Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Below are some of the healthcare categories in which we can really be of help to you.

Immediate Care and Minor Emergencies

Abscess incision and drainage, Allergic reactions, Allergies, Asthma Bronchitis, Burns from heat or chemical exposure, Congestion, Cough, Ear infection, Earache, Eye infection, Fever, Flu symptoms, Fractures, Gastrointestinal disorders, Lacerations and Abrasions, Nausea, Rashes, Runny nose, Sinus infection, Skin infections, Sore throat, STD testing and treatment, Stomach aches and stomach pains, Urinary tract infections, Vomiting, Wound infection, and more.

Family Medicine, Adult and Pediatric

  • Hypertension, Diabetes, Dermatology, Sports and School Physicals, Immunizations, Flu Shots.
  • Continuity of care for our patients and their families.

Men’s Health

  • Expert Male Hormone Replacement for low testosterone (Low-T).
  • Erectile Dysfunction diagnosis and treatment options.
  • Premature Sexual Dysfunction.
  • Anti-Aging programs.*
  • Male specific weight loss and exercise programs.**
  • Male cosmetic and facial contouring.
  • Hair loss strategies and surgical referrals.

Women’s Health

  • Hormone replacement.
  • Referrals for reproductive endocrinology and infertility.
  • Breast health and referrals for augmentation and reduction mammoplasty.
  • Osteoporosis/Bone density diagnosis and treatment.
  • Sexual dysfunction.
  • Sexually transmitted infections.

Anti-Aging Medicine and Aesthetics*

  • Facial Muscular Blockers: Botox, Dysport, Xeomin used for removing facial lines and wrinkles.
  • Dermal Fillers: Perlane, Restylane, Radiesse used to contour facial lines and hollows, restoring a youthful appearance.
  • Microdermabrasion used to smooth and refine skin blemishes and irregular coloring.
  • Facial cosmetic skin care product lines by prescription.
  • Human Growth Hormone (Somatropin, Norditropin) used in cases where restoration of this natural hormone improves energy and promotes weight loss in key areas such as thighs, abdomen and chest.
  • Hair loss referrals for micrograft hair transplants.
  • Cosmetic Dental referrals for whitening, veneers, and implants.
  • Laser skin and hair treatments, state of the art machines such as Fraxel.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss**

  • Nutrition counseling and custom tailored diet plans.
  • Prescription medication programs utilizing the most modern and safe prescription pharmaceuticals available such as Phentermine, HCG and the newly approved Qsymia. These carefully selected oral and injectable medications are all approved by the FDA, and used by physicians only.
  • Referrals for bariatric surgery, Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass.
  • Stress and Fatigue counseling.

I.V. Therapy

  • Intravenous fluids for the delivery of medications such as antibiotics, rheumatology medications, and other prescription medications. This service is usually based on referrals from specialists. However done in the Urgent Care setting, a superior experience to that of the hospital or emergency room can be delivered. Privacy, convenience, and speed make the necessity requiring these treatments easier to handle.

Comprehensive In-house Lab

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Basic Chemistry Panel
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Glucose and Hemoglobin a1c
  • Prostatic Surface Antigen (PSA)
  • Testosterone


  • Digital, state of the art plain x-rays for the diagnosis of injury and disease

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