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I saw the sign when I stopped in to get Tiff’s Treats last week. When my reoccurring earache came back full force this AM, I called and got an appointment right away. The entire staff is friendly and courteous and Dr.Padilla is EXACTLY what you want in a general practitioner – he knows everything about a LOT of ailments!

After going my entire life without one ear infection, this allergy season has plagued me with 4 over the last several months. Apparently ear infections like to linger around, and then the ear drum rupture makes it clear its not going away without a doctor visit!

I came in to Hillcrest Medical with a list of complaints that didn’t seem to be linked to my obvious ear pain, and Dr. Padilla diagnosed the ear infection right away. He showed me in a drawing where my problem was inside my ear, and gave me a plan of action for treatment.

He made me feel very comfortable by tying my physical issues (headaches, neck pain, dizzy feeling, etc) to the root cause. The main thing Dr. Padilla did is LISTEN to me. I’m sure it was apparent right away that I had an ear infection – but he listened to my other concerns so I didn’t feel crazy. I will definitely go back to see Dr. Padilla in the future for myself and my family!!


After waking up the other morning not feeling so well, I decided to finally hunt down a Primary Care doctor after almost 3 years in Dallas. I have previously used random walk in clinics and urgent care clinics, and enough was enough. I found this clinic with a Google search, they were close by and thought I’d give them a try.

From the minute I walked in, the front desk staff was very friendly and helpful. They got me back right away and within 10 minutes I was seen by the doctor. Dr. Padilla was very friendly , thorough and not rushed at all. He took the time to explain things, discuss some of my concerns and made it clear that they valued my business and hoped I would return. It was refreshing to see a doctors office have a great sense of customer service. Every doctors office I’ve walked in the past 10 years has acted put off everytime someone else walks in the door, then punishes you by an hour long wait past your appointment time before you see anyone. Dr. Padilla was very competent, addressed all my concerns, the nurses were back in drawing blood and getting me on my way immediately.

The office staff upon check out were quick and went out of their way to thank me for my business, asking me to tell friends and family about their practice. They clearly get basic Sales 101, but they deliver on quality of service and basic common sense when it comes to treating patients well.

I have already told 2 people about Dr. Padilla and highly recommend this as your go to for family practice. They will see you same day and walk in as well.

BTW: Go around to the back of the building and park in the free garage underneath. It took me a few minutes to realize that there was more than the limited amount of parking right in front of the clinic.


I originally decided to go to Hillcrest Medical to treat my earache after seeing the office on google. I don’t have a doctor I frequent in Dallas so I thought I’d give Dr. Padilla a try.
Making an appointment via phone was easy breezy , even with only a few hours notice . Parking was a little limited when I arrived but the neighboring business told me it was okay to park in one of their reserved spots. The receptionists and nurses were incredibly sweet and efficient in their work. Offered me a beverage, didn’t make me wait long…. More than I usually expect when going to the doctors. I didn’t feel well (Hence the appointment, duh) so I was a little crabby, up until I met Dr. Padilla. He was incredibly nice and took genuine interest in my life and my current state of health. He not only fully explained what was going on in my ear to cause the infection, he also made a 3-d drawing to show me what was happening! I feel like so often I leave the doctor and someone will ask me how it went/what is wrong and my response will be “I have no idea but I’ve got some medicine.” Not today. I’m an ear infection expert! :-) He asked if I’m comfortable with generic medication and wrote the script for a generic to save me some money. When walking out, cure in hand, I received a resounding “feel better soon!” from each person at Hillcrest. I will definitely go back and recommend this office to anyone I know!


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