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But I’m not sick! Wellness Exams

Photo of Apples with text - But I'm not sick! Wellness Exams.But I’m not sick! Wellness Exams

Do you have a primary care physician? You may think, “I’m healthy. Why do I need a doctor?” A good doctor doesn’t just treat you when you’re sick or injured. A good doctor helps you stay well! More and more, people are realizing the importance of preventive care and wellness exams. A yearly wellness visit can go a long way toward keeping you in the very best of health.

At a yearly preventive care visit, your doctor will not only give you a physical exam to check your vital signs, ears, eyes, throat, skin, etc., he will also ask you questions about your family history; about any past illnesses, injuries, and surgeries; and about your current health. It is important that you mention to your doctor any health changes you have experienced. Be prepared with specific information about those changes along with questions you would like the doctor to answer. And if you are taking any medications, come to your wellness exam with a list of those medications.

A yearly wellness exam gives your doctor a basis for comparison as your physical condition changes with age and allows you an opportunity to build a relationship with him. The goal of regular wellness exams is not just early diagnosis of problems but prevention of them. Your doctor will want to identify high-risk behaviors so he can make lifestyle recommendations. Based on your lifestyle choices and family history, he may also recommend further tests and suggest immunizations he feels you need. In addition, he may advise screenings specific to your age and gender like a Pap test and/or a colonoscopy.

At Hillcrest Medical, not only are we the place for urgent care in Dallas, we are the place for your yearly wellness exam. We want to develop a relationship with you and your family and be the place you come for your primary care needs as well.

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